Black Magic Escape Room

Black Magic Escape Room

Be a wizard for an hour. Live the Black Magic experience in the best escape room from Bucharest!

Riding your horse with your bag on your shoulder, you approach fearful The Haunted Forest, where, in a hut guarded by mad bats and wolves, lives the most feared creature from the face of the earth: The Queen of Black Magic.

You got command from your king to bring him the magic potion, the potion that will give him immortality. You will be very mortal if you don’t bring him what he has demanded.

You move forward fearful through the thick forest, among wild animals and spooky night birds. Through the heavy fog you see a pale light and you know you are there. You wait, hidden in the bushes. You know she will leave soon to pick up herbs and roots from the Valley of the bones.

You see her, she is leaving the hut and you dare to go inside. You only have one hour to find the potion. You cannot risk being caught or not finding the magic potion. With trembling hands you start searching through pots, lil’ bottles, dry herbs and all kinds of useless things…

Difficulty level:

Automation level:

Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 2-6 persons

Recommended age: minimum 12 years old or 1 adult + children

What our clients say about us

Isengard Unleashed and Mines of Moria – authentic LOTR experience

Both rooms have been a surprising experience for us, we loved the music and the sound effects, the puzzles required force, but they were ingenious, some of them really tested our arms and brains! We enjoyed very much and we recommend these 2 rooms heartily!

Emilia V

“One of the best escape rooms in Bucharest
As an escape room addict and after having played over 50 rooms, I have difficulties finding new exciting escape room experiences. Most of the operators offer similar experiences. 60 Minutes is one of the few standing out from the crowd. The rooms are beautifully designed, the puzzles are logical, and the overall experience is great. I’ve played all of their rooms and I’am waiting forward to playing the one they are preparing.”


I enjoyed Moria very much! I ll come back to try Isengard also. I was there with my teenage son and he really enjoyed it

Dana B

The most challenging but also rewarding room, we loved it! It trains your mind and offers great satisfaction.


Isengard Unleashed – best room i’ve ever played, fantastic decor, smart puzzles. Really enjoyed playing it!

Catalina U

Mines of Moria

It was a really good time and experience! The best decorated escape room that I have seen in a while. The puzzles were nice and some of them really complex 🙂


Verygood services. Friendly staff. The Black Magic room was very interesting and fit for 12-14years old children.

Raluca A

We’ve played “prison break” and even though its complexity scared us a bit in the beginning, it was super fun in the end 🙂


Awesome experience! Had tons of fun! Will revisit! ♥️ Very nice host and a pleasant place alltogether!