Prison Break Escape Room

Prison Break Escape Room

Can you break out of prison? We are waiting for you to feel the best escape room experience from Bucharest.

You open your eyes and you don’t recognize the scenery. Nothing looks familiar. Two beds, one on top of the other, a toilette in a corner and bars instead of the door. Bars?!?!? You are suffocated by panic, your heart is pounding and you hope it is just a dream. You close your eyes and wait to wake up. Your buddy’s scream makes you open your eyes again. Nope, you are not dreaming. You are locked up! 

You get confused, you try to remember how you ended up in prison. You only remember blurred images and flashes of conversations. Nothing makes sense! You just cannot accept the idea that you are being locked up. You cannot be here! You need to do something! You have to escape! 

Where are the others? You have to talk to them, make a plan. You will escape together or not at all. All for one! There is no time to wait. It’s your only chance. In one hour you will be transferred to a maximum security facility. You only have 60 minutes to escape. The adrenaline is pumping, heart is racing. There must be a way. You start looking for clues, anything can be useful. The countdown has began.

Tic, tac…tic, tac…

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Capacity: 2-6 persons

What our clients say about us

“By far – the best escape room game I’ve had
I have tried several escape room games in Bucharest, but that’s the only one that I’ll come back to – hopefully soon. Great experience!”
Cristian P.
“Exciting, challenging and so much fun!
By far the best escape room in Bucharest. Very creative, exciting and clean. Great room stories, unexpected solutions and super mood. I took my 9 years niece there and she asked me if the witch is really gonna come .
Great work 60′!”
DeeDee D
“One of the best escape rooms in Bucharest
As an escape room addict and after having played over 50 rooms, I have difficulties finding new exciting escape room experiences. Most of the operators offer similar experiences. 60 Minutes is one of the few standing out from the crowd. The rooms are beautifully designed, the puzzles are logical, and the overall experience is great. I’ve played all of their rooms and I’am waiting forward to playing the one they are preparing.”
“Super experience
Best escape rooms I have experienced yet. Clever puzzles, good storylines, pleasant ambient. The owner is very friendly and helpfull.
Best way to kill an hour, to test your wits, and for teambuilding is just perfect.
I’m just waiting for their new room.”
Valentin B
“Fun fun fun
Definitely one of the best in Bucharest!Had a great time playing all three rooms,looking forward to see the fourth,keep up the good work!”
“Very interesting and smart setup
They have there 3 rooms with completely different themes. We went on 2 rooms and both were built with a lot of attention to details and the materials used are qualitative. The rooms – prison and witch room – had a very nice setup and you really need to have a team behind in order to solve the issue.”
Marius C
“Great story and adventure
The escape rooms were really immersing you in the story. Great design and good location.
You have 3 rooms to chose from, we visited only 2 and they were totally different, and required different skills to get out.”
Constantin P
“Very exciting place
It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun! Very challenging experience! The rooms are designed with great sense of challenge!”
Pietroseanu N
The rooms are made by owner, that means that he is dedicated !!!! Prison Break was my first room that I’ve played and then i come back for the anothers rooms. And since 1 year I’m friend with the owner, he is a great guy with a “brilliant brain”. I think “60 minutes” is in top 10 ESCAPE ROOMS from ROMANIA!!! We are waiting new challenges 🙂
Max S