Prison Break Escape Room Bucuresti

Prison Break Escape Room

Can you break out of prison? We are waiting for you to feel the best escape room experience from Bucharest.

You open your eyes and you don’t recognize the scenery. Nothing looks familiar. Two beds, one on top of the other, a toilette in a corner and bars instead of the door. Bars?!?!? You are suffocated by panic, your heart is pounding and you hope it is just a dream. You close your eyes and wait to wake up. Your buddy’s scream makes you open your eyes again. Nope, you are not dreaming. You are locked up! 

You get confused, you try to remember how you ended up in prison. You only remember blurred images and flashes of conversations. Nothing makes sense! You just cannot accept the idea that you are being locked up. You cannot be here! You need to do something! You have to escape! 

Where are the others? You have to talk to them, make a plan. You will escape together or not at all. All for one! There is no time to wait. It’s your only chance. In one hour you will be transferred to a maximum security facility. You only have 60 minutes to escape. The adrenaline is pumping, heart is racing. There must be a way. You start looking for clues, anything can be useful. The countdown has began.

Tic, tac…tic, tac…

Difficulty level:

Automation level:

Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 2-6 persons

Recommended age: minimum 12 years old or 2 adults + children

What our clients say about us

We’ve played “prison break” and even though its complexity scared us a bit in the beginning, it was super fun in the end 🙂


Very good and little difficult.It needs good instincts and logic and skills.I reccomend for fun and relax


Exceptional gameplay in Prison Break. The host had us chatting for another hour after the game, which was very pleasant. We will be back soon for Black Magic.

Franciska Vaida

Awesome experience! Had tons of fun! Will revisit! ♥️ Very nice host and a pleasant place alltogether!


A compelling experience, very different from the others escapes we done in the past. We will definitely try it again next time!

Ciro C

Prison Break is a room for my taste, out of the ordinary and that introduces an escape model that you do not find anywhere else. Congratulations for the decor and the beautiful gameplay experience!

Bogdy Padu

I tried Prison Break and I lived an adrenaline packed adventure: the decor and the elements cleverly picked create and extremely realist experience! You need to act and think like a prisoner to find the solutions 🙂 I warmly recommend and I cannot wait to come back here for the Black Magic room!

Mirela Badalan
“Very exciting place
It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun! Very challenging experience! The rooms are designed with great sense of challenge!”
Pietroseanu N