The Lord of The Rings – Isengard Unleashed

The infernal Isengard’s drums are heard in the distance. Legions of monsters are heading to the Helm’s Deep fortress and Rohan’s soldiers prepare for fight.
Although you are sure that the fortress walls are unbreakable, Isengard’s siege machines constantly throw Uruk-Hai orcs over you.
A strong explosion is heard. The big wall of the fortress is broken. Saruman’s troops broke into the fortress!
You join the battle. You have to resist! The survival of the human race depends on it! Gandalf and the exiled Rohan’s riders are still far away …

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Capacity: 3-6 persons

Children under 15 are allowed only if accompanied by 3 adult persons.

At least 3 brave adults are needed to battle the orc legions. 🙂

What our clients say about us

“Super experience
Best escape rooms I have experienced yet. Clever puzzles, good storylines, pleasant ambient. The owner is very friendly and helpfull.
Best way to kill an hour, to test your wits, and for teambuilding is just perfect.
I’m just waiting for their new room.”
Valentin B