The Lord of The Rings – Isengard Unleashed

The infernal Isengard’s drums are heard in the distance. Legions of monsters are heading to the Helm’s Deep fortress and Rohan’s soldiers prepare for fight.

Although you are sure that the fortress walls are unbreakable, Isengard’s siege machines constantly throw Uruk-Hai orcs over you.

A strong explosion is heard. The big wall of the fortress is broken. Saruman’s troops broke into the fortress!

You join the battle. You have to resist! The survival of the human race depends on it! Gandalf and the exiled Rohan’s riders are still far away …

Difficulty level:

Automation level:

Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 3-6 persons

Recommended age: minimum 18 years old or 3 adults + children

LOTR – Isengard Unleashed is an escape room that asks for intensive physical interaction. Teamwork is a must. You will not throw big stones over the fortress walls, but  you will not sit on a chair solving riddles either.

Children are allowed to play only if accompanied by 3 adults.

At least 3 brave adults are required to battle the orc’s legions. 🙂

What our clients say about us

We did Lord of the rings Isengard unleashed and it was great. We’ve done a lot of escape games and this was probably one of the best! Great job!


Isengard Unleashed and Mines of Moria – authentic LOTR experience

Both rooms have been a surprising experience for us, we loved the music and the sound effects, the puzzles required force, but they were ingenious, some of them really tested our arms and brains! We enjoyed very much and we recommend these 2 rooms heartily!

Emilia V

We made a reservation for room Moria, and it was absolutely excellent! Interresting and different, not only basic locks and number codes, and the enviroment was exciting enough. The room was so good, we went to do another room immediately after the first.

This time we choose the room Isengard, that was also really good room. There was one puzzle though, that was short of broken, and the game master had to activate the next thing remotely because on of that, but otherwise it was really exciting and nice, a bit different room. Thumbs up!

Emmi K

Isengard Unleashed – best room i’ve ever played, fantastic decor, smart puzzles. Really enjoyed playing it!

Catalina U

We did both “lord of the rings” rooms. They are really really great. Mechanical puzzles. Made from scratch.
We recommend you to be a group of at leat 3 people, 4 would be ideal. As some puzzles need more brute force, you should have at least one person in your group who is more physical.
Try them, you will not regret it.

Ada G