The Lord of The Rings Escape Room

The Lord of The Rings – Mines of Moria

Rivendell, the Elvish city, remained far behind. Maleficent Saruman pushed you on dangerous roads.

Check the breast pocket, to make sure it is safe. Yes, the ring is safe. You still have long way to Mordor, where you will destroy the ring in the fires of Mount Doom.

You’ve come to the door of Durin, entrance to Moria, the Dwarves palace, deep inside the mountain. You open the door and enter. On the ground is full of dead dwarfs. Saruman’s orcs have killed everyone of them. Unobserved you must cross the mountain as quickly as possible. Ancient demons and orcs are now ruling the mines of Moria.

Fearful you move forward, deep into the mountain. There’s no way back.

Difficulty level:

Automation level:

Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 3-6 persons

Recommended age: minimum 15 years old (unaccompanied by adults) or 2 adults + children

LOTR – Mines of Moria is an escape room that requires intensive physical interaction. It does not replace going to gym, but fighting the orc’s legions can make you sweat a little bit. 🙂

Children under 15 are allowed to play only if they are accompanied by 2 adults.

What our clients say about us

Great setup and location!

First time there – been to Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria and consider exploring the other rooms, too. I liked the idea with the themes and the place succeeds to take you back in their story. Exciting, unpredictable and challenging. Another plus, the mechanism systems were fully functional. In terms of facilities, they have lockers and many of the rooms have air conditioner, one thing I would recommend, maybe a water dispenser to refresh before and after the games 🙂


We played one of the Lord of the rings rooms and it was great. It involved a lot of team work. We enjoyed the experience a lot.

Ruxandra V

Mines of Moria

It was a really good time and experience! The best decorated escape room that I have seen in a while. The puzzles were nice and some of them really complex 🙂


Isengard Unleashed and Mines of Moria – authentic LOTR experience

Both rooms have been a surprising experience for us, we loved the music and the sound effects, the puzzles required force, but they were ingenious, some of them really tested our arms and brains! We enjoyed very much and we recommend these 2 rooms heartily!

Emilia V

5 rooms, very nice place and experience, suitable for children/teens parties or when you want to have a new experience


I was on the most recent room opened by 60 Minutes Escape Room, LOTR Mines of Moria. An escape room experience to my taste, which begins even before stepping in the room. Decor and puzzles meticulously made, that test both your imagination and thinking, as well as your handiness. I recommend playing it after the other rooms from 60 Minutes Escape Room Bucharest.

CT Cezar

It is indeed the best room! Smart, fun, different, hard, many puzzles… We had a very good time. It is my favorite now 🙂


I enjoyed Moria very much! I ll come back to try Isengard also. I was there with my teenage son and he really enjoyed it

Dana B

The room is really immersive in the LOTR universe.

The level of automation and mechanization is 10/10.

Ciprian F